The Time Is Now

What You Give Your Energy to Matters

Let’s face it - we imagine and build differently when energized than when drained. But what if we had the energy to imagine & create the better systems we deserve AND maintain our personal well-being?

We Face Big Challenges

Our communities are on fire from racism, inequality, climate change and the many other problems facing us.

Working for Change Can Be Exhausting

We live in a world created by the imagination of few people with money and power and fighting to create different realities can leave us drained, burnt out and disengaged.

Focus Is on How Money Moves in the World Instead of How Our Energy Moves

In the process we treat some people and their creativity and intelligence as disposable. Our energy is a precious currency that we need to move with more intention.

The Cultural Context Has Made Us Forget We Have Agency Over Our Energy

The mismanagement of our energy prevents us from making our best contributions to the world.

The Energy Takeback Fundamentals

This Community Will Help You Align Your Energy

Reclaim your agency over your energy and get clear on what you need to be fueled.
Session 1 - Setting the Stage: Create community while learning how to ask embodied questions and listen generatively
Session 2 - Observing Energy Flow: Surface your personal energy fuel and causes of drain
Session 3 - Equitable Energy Exchanges: Identify your needs when it comes to feeling honored and valued for your contributions
Session 4 - Communicating in Service of Our Energy: Determine what creates ease or difficulty when advocating for yourself
30 Minute One-on-One: Topic varies based on your personal challenge or need

Chief Energy Takeback Officer

Nydia Cárdenas

Nydia operates with a core belief that our potential is interconnected and is committed to supporting individuals and organizations in their learning and development. She is all too familiar with giving her mind and heart to her work only to end up burnt out and frustrated. She’s personally leveraged coaching and community to learn how to sustainably use her energy. Nydia believes hope is an action and her hope is fueled by sharing the transformative resources she’s learned and seeing others make changes to increase their impact and improve their well-being.

Designed for Changemakers & Rebel Rousers

  • You are already doing your part in your context to transform your community and society but wrestle with feeling too exhausted to show up as your best

  • You value personal development and want a place to grow and connect with others

  • You've experienced burnout and are curious about other ways of being that are more sustainable and increase joy and energy

Limited Enrollment Per Cohort


The experience is rooted in facilitating individual reflection and community learning.

  • Access to energy management reflections and exercises

  • Training in generative listening so that you can help one another identify actionable insights

  • Four facilitated group sessions (1h 45min duration)

  • A 30 minute one-on-one with Nydia

Payment plans and scholarships available if needed. More info in the registration form.

Retreat Facilitation & Organizational Coaching

Price Varies

Want to better resource your team? Get in touch for a personalized experience.

  • Tailored in-person and/or virtual experiences based on your team's energetic needs

  • Special focus on entrepreneurs, founder groups, DEI committees

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